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Thank you for your support wiley x


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Thank you for your support wiley x

Thank you for the opportunity to utilize the Wiley X Glasses (Saber Advanced) that Wiley X was so generous to support. As a cyclist, I take extreme care in protecting my vision especially since having lost vision in my right eye from combat wounds. What impressed me most about the glasses were it's ability not to fog during raining and humid sessions during rides. This is important because I would of have to have removed my other glasses to see with the limited field of view that I have. I also like the wide protection across the eyes that the glasses have in this particular model. Protecting my eyes from rocks, bugs and the elements is crucial to me as a cyclist. I have been training and racing with them since June and I feel they are a great addition to me gear. Thank you for your support Wiley X Chris Ayres USMC Retired Wounded in Line of Duty

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