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ANSI Z87.1 Clarity Standard

To meet the strictest ANSI optical requirements we test all of our lenses for the accuracy of vision, diffusion of light, variations in luminous transmittance, and angle dependence on luminous transmittance. Ordinary lenses can distort and alter the true size of objects as well as bend light, causing focal objects to appear off-centered. Our SEL (Smart Edge Lens) Technology lenses are de-centered and tapered to ensure that they can meet ANSI optical clarity standards and provide a true spatial relationship of objects in the field of view.


Glare off the water and other light colored surfaces can diminish vision at critical moments and cause eye fatigue. Wiley X FILTER 8™ polarized lenses combine eight layers of lens technology:

Two Slick™ hydrophobic coatings 
Two Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses 
Two T-Shell™ scratch-resistant layers 
One Violet 4™ anti-reflective coating 

Filter 8™ polarized film layer that creates 100% polarization with 100% UV protection


Changing light conditions without swapping or removing sunglasses can make hazardous situations in the field of vision easy to miss.

Wiley X LA™ LIGHT ADJUSTING LENSES automatically adjust lens tint with changing UV light conditions.

Lens Anatomy

Smoke Grey Lenses

Provide glare reduction without distorting colors. Excellent in bright conditions and a perfect all-around choice for sports on water and land. Light transmission: 14%-20%.

LA™ Light Adjusting Smoke Grey Lenses

Photochromic lenses that adapt to light – fully clear indoors and dark grey outdoors to maximize optical clarity. Light transmission: 85% to 17% (in sunlight).

Smoke Green Lenses

Provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Great for general daytime use. Light transmission: 13% polarized.

Bronze Lenses

For superior visual definition. Increase contrast, enhance ground level contours in most light conditions. Light transmission: 14%-20%, 12% Bronze Flash (Crimson Brown), 14% Silver Flash (Bronze), 18% Polarized Bronze.

Amber Lenses

Greatly reduces High Energy Visible light and haze, while improving contrast and depth perception. Ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, golf, and tennis. Light transmission: 14% polarized. 

Light Rust Lenses

Filters out most blue light waves, the chief component of glare and haze. Enhance contrast in medium to low-light conditions. Light transmission: 60%.

Pale Yellow Lenses

Best light enhancing lens tint. Enhance contrast in low to extremely low-light conditions, haze, etc. Light transmission: 86%.

Polarized Yellow Lenses

Greatest clarity in low-light situations. Blocks blinding glare while preserving sharpness. Ideal for first and last light, fishing, hunting, shooting, etc. Light transmission: 30% polarized.

Venice Gold Mirror Lenses

Great for sunny conditions. Polarized version is ideal for fishing in shallow water and target shooting. Light transmission: 12% polarized. 


 Silver Flash (Smoke Grey) Lenses

One of the darker lenses we offer. Multi-coat, Z-Oxide mirror over smoke lenses. Reduces glare. Excellent on bright days. Light transmission 12%, 13% polarized.

Blue Mirror Lenses

Multi-coat, green lenses. Absorb reflections across mirror surface, diminish glare. Ideal in bright conditions. Light transmission: 12% polarized. 

Emerald Mirror Lenses

An amber tinted lens under an emerald green multi-coat mirror surface that's specially designed to amplify color contrast and deliver high visual definition. Distinct colors and crisp acuity in all light conditions for superior visual performance. Light transmission: 14%-16% polarized.

Platinum Flash Lenses

Multi-coat Z-Oxide mirror over smoke green lenses provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Great for general daytime use. Light transmission: 13% polarized. 

Crimson Mirror Lenses

Excellent for constant sun or very bright conditions. Ideal mirror for snowboarding, skiing, driving on sunny days or other extreme conditions. Reduces glare and improves contrast. Light transmission: 50%.

Vermillion Lenses

Best for medium to low-light conditions. Sharpens contrast and brightens targets. Light transmission: 50%.

Clear Lenses

Maximum light transmission. See precise color values. Hazy or overcast, dusk/dawn conditions. Light transmission: 89%.

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